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Fear Free® Professional Dog Training

Project tRade

    Dog training is an art and a specialized skill. Our Master Trainer has many certifications and lots of experience with client’s pets that will give you the dog training experience you expect from a professional.     Located in Jasper, at the base of the beautiful North Georgia mountains, Respectful Communications Animal Training […]

Pet Photography

Pet photography is a budding field for those who have a creative photographic flair and patience for working with pets. Many people hold photographs of their pet companions dear. Unfortunately they are not always able to capture the expressions of their pets to keep for later moments in time. I develop relationships with pets that […]

Daily In-Home Visits

Daily In-Home Visits

Daily In-Home Visits with Choices Pet Sitters Daily in-home pet care visits give me the opportunity to check on your pet and a chance for them to feel a little less alone during your time away. Basic wellness is my first priority, followed by cleanliness of the pet and the area where they are staying […]

Mini-Farm Pet Care

Mini-Farm Pet Care

Mini-Farm Pet Care with A Certified Pet Pro Mini-Farm Pet Care is covered under the Choices Pet Sitters pet care business insurance if the animals are pets. This service takes a bit longer than the basic 30 minute service visit as there are usually more animals needing care, fresh water, cleanup, and a general visual […]

Overnight In-Home Pet Care

Overnight Pet Care

Overnight In-Home Pet Care with a Certified Professional Pet Sitter Some people prefer someone to stay overnight in their home to care for their pets while they are away. Having someone stay in your home overnight helps calm otherwise anxious pets and give your home that ultimate “lived-in” look. Your overnight pet professional will make […]