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Linda's photo - I Speak Dog Like many young girls I once dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. I was raised around animals for most of my life and I wanted to make a difference in their lives. When I had the opportunity to go to college I wasn’t sure I wanted to handle some of the tasks that veterinarians had to perform so changed direction and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. My education led me to work in the field of natural health, the corporate world and then onto sales and management in my own retail stores.

I learned the ropes of opening, managing, marketing, and running a business. I taught classes in a variety of subjects, made presentations, advised customers, and ordered, promoted, and sold products. I found that the respectful interactions I had with customers helping them to understand the different options available that might fit their needs was very rewarding. After I sold my Health Food businesses to care for my growing family my focus changed.

While raising a family I learned the value of patience and watchfulness. Educational programs about scientific research in animal training weren’t around when I started my studies, but they were beginning to pop up more and more just as the student was ready. I once again had time to read which led me back to my passion… animals. As time went by I found a way to interact with the animals I had been studying and moved from reading about animal training theory to practicing what I had learned.

Most of the time I have focused my work on what some people call “aggressive” dogs. These are dogs that are undersocialized, have been in shelters too long, those who have health issues, or those who may have been “trained” by another dog trainer and the results were additional unwanted behaviors. Other dogs I have worked with are on the opposite side of the spectrum… they are shut down and won’t interact with anyone or anything and so we work together on developing their self-confidence. Working with these dogs is not what is commonly referred to in the industry as “training.” Working with stressed out animals who are oftentimes in a state of fight or flight involves more of a combination of desensitization and counter-conditioning rather than focusing mainly on cueing a certain behavior.

Other work I have done is what is properly called “dog training.” It involves teaching cues to an animal asking them to perform a certain behavior or behavior chain. This is what some people call “obedience” (a term I do not use) and what I, and others, call “good manners.” I also train basic scent work skills with games like “find it” that gives you something to do with your pet and something for your pet to look forward to in their day. My goal is to enrich the lives of pets and their guardians.

Credentials / Qualifications:

-- Fear Free® Elite Veterinary Certified Professional (1 of 1248 Elite Professionals in the WORLD!) with additional certifications in Equine and Avian care--

-- Fear Free® Certified Animal Trainer --

-- Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified --

-- Pet Tech PetSaver™ CPR / First Aid trained --

-- Doggone Safe Dog Bite Safety Educator --

-- AKC Canine Good Citizen® Evaluator --

-- AKC Temperament Test Evaluator --

-- Dog Trainer Foundations Certificate (Karen Pryor Academy) --

-- Risk Assessment & Safely Handling Multiple Dogs Certificate (Doggone Safe)--

-- The Infectious Disease Management Program Certificate (Vetfolio) --

-- Bonded / Insured as employee of a local pet sitting company--

Professional Affiliations: -- Friend of INTO Dogs --

-- Member of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) --

-- Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) --

-- General Member of Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (AABP) --

-- Supporting Member of The International Assoc. of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) --

-- Associate Member of The International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) --

Fear Free® Certified Animal Trainer

Hi there! I’m Linda, one of the 1st twenty Fear Free® Certified Professionals in Georgia and 1 of the first 50 Fear Free® Elite Certified Professionals in the world! I am also a non-smoking, bonded, and insured Fear Free® Certified Animal Trainer® who is trained in the Pet Tech PetSaver® course.

Raised with dogs, cats, hamsters, ducks, and a horse while growing up in my parent’s home, pets have always been my passion. So much so that my 4-H White Leghorn chickens won Grand Champion in the North Georgia State Fair one year after I lovingly “hand washed” them for success! Several of my indoor kitties have lived over 16+ years, giving me experience administering oral medicines, applying transdermal insulin injections, and giving sub-q fluids. But more importantly than just caring for my own pets I have 6+ years of experience in animal training and over 18 years of experience taking care of other people’s pets!

As Manager of Choices Pet Sitters, I have grown the company into a Professional In-Home Pet Care / Dog Walking Company with a level of service that far surpasses hobby pet sitters simply looking for a side job to supplement their income. Through my own business, Respectful Communications Animal Training, I work to build the self-confidence of pet and strengthen the human-animal bonds with their guardians. 

Linda and Kalen

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Monday -  By Appointment

10am - 6:00pm

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My mission

To give each individual pet a clean, safe environment while it is at home and the pet parents are away.  I focus on quality care and attention to detail that includes cleanliness in your pet’s feeding and living areas. (If I wouldn’t eat out of their dish, then they won’t either.)

To take the time to listen to you and your pets. I take the time to get to know your pet and their unique personalities while keeping in touch with you daily (if you choose) to let you know what fun your furry “children” are having. I want to make your pets are as safe and comfortable as possible.

To give you the best pet care experience possible. I want to do my best to be sure you have the best care, best response time, and best communication in the industry when I care for your pets.

Be sure to verify all Trainer credentials on a third party website
There are no education or insurance requirements to call yourself a dog trainer. And not all animal trainers use force free methods that are safe for you and your pet.