Contact Me

Potential new and current clients can call ‪(310) 916-9738‬ to get more information on my services, set up an initial consultation / assessment, or make training reservations. If you are a Choices Pet Sitters client you can also make reservations directly on their online reservation system.

Note: An in-home consultation / assessment will be needed before the start of any training services.

Contacting me

  • (CPS) (678) 809-3647 (RCAT) ‪(310) 916-9738‬
  • Mailing Address: 744 Noah Drive #113-113 Jasper, GA 30143

Be sure to verify all Trainer credentials on a third party website
There are no education or insurance requirements to call yourself a dog trainer. And not all animal trainers use force free methods that are safe for you and your pet.