Your trainer is bonded and insured with a yearly background check. She is a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG), the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and other industry organizations that support their members and offer current science based education for continuing education credits.

                             Pet Tech Trained                             Fear Free Elite Certified                             LSH Silver Certification                             Dog-Bite-Safety-Educator                             Acutraq logo 130                                
Over the years Linda has finely crafted her training procedures by educating herself in current science based methodologies and positive rewards based training skills. She listens to the needs of the human requesting the service as well as to the animals she is tasked with training.

She is a Fear Free® Elite Certified and Low Stress Handling® Certified - Silver Professional, and is trained in PetTech® Pet Saver CPR and First Aid.

The training she offers has been especially important in helping leash-reactive or fear sensitive dogs gain a new sense of self-confidence in what to expect on a walk. It also helps them gain new social skills especially important for rescue dogs who may not have had these opportunities in the past. By building your dog's confidence it will help them learn to walk calmly and comfortably on a leash. This strengthens the human-animal bond between the pet and their human companion and makes daily walks less stressful. It's a win-win for all concerned!

* * * * Contact Linda today to find out how her Fear Free® Elite and Low Stress Handling® Certified-Silver Professional can help you with your personal pet training needs.

  PPG - No Shock, No Choke, No Prong Collars NOTE: Please be aware that Linda adheres to the Pet Professional Guild's Code of Ethics.

Linda is a member of Project tRade, the Pet Professional Guild's (PPG) international advocacy program that promotes the use of force-free pet equipment by asking pet guardians to swap choke, prong and shock collars (and any other devices that are designed to change behavior or care for pets through pain or fear) for discounts in her services.  



Puppy Foundation Skills

                Ages 8-12 weeks – Introduction to basic life skills and socialization.…

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On a mat

Advanced Foundation Skills

                  Ages 16 weeks and above – Introduction to Polite Manners and Additional Socialization.…

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Walking on leash

Loose Leash Walking

                              Walking Nicely On A Loose Leash Ages 8 weeks and beyond –…

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Behavior Modification

People, animal, or object directed reactivity or aggression can be a scary thing to the pet guardian who has to take their pet out on a walk.…

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Be sure to verify all Trainer credentials on a third party website
There are no education or insurance requirements to call yourself a dog trainer. And not all animal trainers use force free methods that are safe for you and your pet.