Pickens and Cherokee counties in Georgia encompass a large rural area, for this reason per visit prices depend on your location, the number of pets you have, and the services requested. Once I have this information I can decide how long I need to complete the tasks you are requesting and how long it might take me to check on the welfare of each animal.

About my services

My services are based on a loving attention to your pet’s needs. Because there is usually some level or fear, anxiety, or stress in the animals I care for, I sometimes run over the specified length of time for the appointment. For this reason my scheduling times are fluid. You will not be charged for me staying beyond the scheduled visit times when I let the pet help me decide (to some extent) when it is appropriate for me to leave the home to move on to the next. (Note: If you must have someone who has to be at and leaving your home “on (your) time” rather than letting the pet help decide what they need, I may not be the pet care provider for you.)

Most importantly, your pet will have their food and water bowls emptied, wiped of saliva, and refilled. I believe in the “first in first out method” for dry food, so new food will be placed on the bottom topped off with whatever of yesterday’s remaining dry food is not visibly spoiled. Canned food will be replaced, not returned to your pet’s bowl. Litter boxes will be scooped and wiped down and puppy pads will be picked up. Floors will be wiped or mopped as needed.

After the puppies have been let out to relieve themselves and the chores done to keep their area clean, your dogs will have a walk or a chance to run and play in their own fenced yard.  Kitties will have a chance to chase their toys (if they like), birds receive some time out of their aviary if allowed, and generally all have a chance to get some exercise and  personal interaction.

What to expect


While I will take on the task of caring for and feeding your reptile, I will not watch them eat. Handling loose snakes I can handle… watching the mouse disappear… not my forte!

Mini-Farm Pets

Farm pets task times are usually the reverse of domestic pet task times.  Farm pets do not usually require personal attention, and sometimes they avoid it. Most of their care is cleanup and health related. If they want to interact or are used to personal attention I can sit down and interact with them once the health / cleanup tasks are completed if time is available.


Some kitties are shy and will not want to interact. While some care givers will leave after completing the required tasks I want to be sure to take the time to do a head count and possibly check on the status of each pet.

Food and water dishes will be cleaned / wiped free of saliva, and refilled. (Please specify at the consultation whether you use tap, filtered, bottled, distilled, or special water.)

Litter boxes will be scooped and wiped down at each visit. (Please do not ask me to leave poop in your cat’s litter box until you get back. It not only is unsanitary for your cat, but it is also unsanitary for those in your household and my “terms of service” do not permit me to do it.)


Dogs need exercise and mental stimulation to keep them calm and pre-occupied while humans are out of the house otherwise they look for things to do around the house while you are gone. Unfortunately what the things they find “to do” around the house are things you may have to get your teenager to clean up after the fact. I like to direct and re-direct your dogs energy into more appropriate species specific tasks that make your dog think and tire them out.  (Appropriate amounts of exercise will depend on health, age, veterinarian recommendations, and other factors)

Food and water dishes will be cleaned / wiped free of saliva, and refilled. (Please specify at the consultation whether you use tap, filtered, bottled, distilled, or special water.)

If you request Dog Walking services, your dog’s food and water dishes will be cleaned / wiped free of saliva, and refilled as part of that 30 minute service period.

Some of my happy clients

I enjoy visiting the pets I have grown to love as my own. They receive the stability of having someone they know visit them when their pet parents leave and I get to learn about each pets' particular personality with each visit.

Be sure to verify all Trainer credentials on a third party website
There are no education or insurance requirements to call yourself a dog trainer. And not all animal trainers use force free methods that are safe for you and your pet.