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Your Pet Deserves the Very Best In Care and Training

Just as vital to the welfare of your pet’s mental health as an educated veterinarian is to your pet’s physical health, is a Fear Free® Animal Trainer. A candidate who is pursuing continuing education in studies focused on solid positive rewards training methods and skills is how you know your trainer is serious about protecting […]

Fear Free® Elite Certified Animal Training

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Fear Free® education (started by America’s Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker in 2016) has at its core the goal to avoid fear, anxiety, and stress in caring for and training animals. Fear Free® methods have been shown to be the best for strengthening the human-animal bond whereas aversive or “balanced” training can cause stress in your […]

Fear Free® Certified Professional – Equine

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Linda went on to complete additional studies to include the Fear Free®  Equine Certification of the Fear Free® Veterinary track. The information she has added to her knowledge helps her work safely and calmly around horses and donkeys as well as other ungulates like goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, cattle, and deer.

Bound to an Industry Code of Ethics in R+ Training

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Many of the professional organizations that your trainer belongs to requires that their members carry dog trainer specific liability insurance and asks them to adhere to that organization’s Code of Ethics. Linda takes these requirements seriously. They are commitments to her clients and to the Positive Rewards (R+) Training ethics that she supports as an accepted […]