PSI Certified Pet Sitter

Certified Professional Pet Sitter

PSI Certified Pet Sitter

The process to become a Pet Sitters International “Certified Professional Pet Sitter” encompasses both educational and ethical components to ensure pet owners when they choose a pet sitter with this designation they’re getting the very best in the industry.

As a pet owner, when you select a PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter, you are using the services of a professional pet sitter who has:

  • Obtained the Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting.
  • Agreed to adhere to PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards.
  • Agreed to adhere to the Member Code of Conduct and Ethics.

When you search PSI’s Official Pet Sitter Locator, look for the PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter icon, which indicates pet sitters who have achieved this prestigious designation.

Pet Sitters International’s Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting Program is an in-depth educational coursework that has been tailored exclusively for pet sitters.

The curriculum includes topics on:

  • Pet Care
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Business & Office Procedures

The coursework was developed with input from the most knowledgeable professionals in the pet-care industry to provide the best in pet education to our members.

When you engage the services of a PSI graduate, you are also gaining access to someone with the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary for providing superior in-home pet care.

This program was developed by PSI exclusively for its members. The coursework was created to promote high industry standards. The program provides a continuing education curriculum to keep certificate-holding pet sitters at the forefront of modern pet-care practices.

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The certificate is valid for three years, during which time members work to earn 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward renewal. CEUs are earned through a variety of educational, service and business options to help ensure a well-rounded experience. The options allow certificate holders to choose from an extensive menu of continuing education credits. Each subsequent renewal cycle lasts for three years.

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